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TRDC Researchers

Meet The Scientists That Stand Behind Our Most Innovative Inventions.

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Meet Our Scientists

Picture of Dr. Esther Magadley

Dr. Esther Magadley

Architecture and Environmental Design

Picture of Dr. Raid Saabna

Dr. Raid Saabna

Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition;; Neural Networks..

Picture of Dr. Muhammad Athamna

Dr. Muhammad Athamna

Researcher in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology at TAU

Picture of Dr. Saed Asaly

Dr. Saed Asaly

Machine Learning, Document Image Analysis DIA

Picture of Dr. Mohammad Mahajna

Dr. Mohammad Mahajna

Public Health and Environmental Sciences

Picture of Dr. Abdelnaser Zalan

Dr. Abdelnaser Zalan

Medical Microbiology and the Epidemiology of Nosocomial Infections

Picture of Dr. Rajech Sharkia

Dr. Rajech Sharkia

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Picture of Ruba Yehia

Ruba Yehia

PhD Researcher at ‎Tel Aviv University

Picture of Dr. Nabih Bashir

Dr. Nabih Bashir

Political Science and Sociology

Picture of Dr. Jallal Gnaim

Dr. Jallal Gnaim

Medical and Agricultural applications of Molecular Encapsulation of Active Ingredients

Picture of Dr. Madhat Matar

Dr. Madhat Matar

Synthesis and Modification of Hydrogel Polymers and Molecular Imprinted Polymers

Picture of Dr. Mtanes Shihadeh

Dr. Mtanes Shihadeh

Professor at University of Haifa

Picture of Hani Barhom

Hani Barhom

Nano-Photonics Research Fellow at Tel Aviv University

Picture of Dr. Adi Weidenfeld

Dr. Adi Weidenfeld

Regional Innovation and Tourism Development

Guest Researchers

Picture of Dr. Ameed Saabneh

Dr. Ameed Saabneh

Sociologist; Inequalities in health and mortality, Residential Segregation, and social stratification

Picture of Dr. Muhammad massalha

Dr. Muhammad massalha

Research Assistants

Picture of Alhan Abbasi

Alhan Abbasi

Research Assistant - AgriVoltiacs

Picture of Samar Massalha

Samar Massalha

Research Assistant - AgriVoltiacs

Picture of Alaa Haj Yehia

Alaa Haj Yehia

Research Assistant - AgriVoltiacs

Picture of Basma Magadly

Basma Magadly

Research Assistant - AgriVoltiacs