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Naturally Again


Premium Solution for Voluntary Urination  

About Uricont

Premium Solution for Voluntary Urination  

Developed by a leading Arab doctor and entrepreneur, Dr. Mohammed Yehia have employed his medical experience and came up with a unique solution which is able to restore the normal urination capability of the patient. By developing an innovative standard for active voluntary urination in 1% of the male population suffering from neurogenic bladder, Uricont will gain competitive advantage in the market as a replacement for catheter-based fiber treatment methods. The purpose is to create an optimally sized device that does not protrude from the urethra, visible, and will meet the required functionality.



Our Technology

The URINATOR itself functions as a unique valve and facilitates the natural capability to control the urination. The device components are made of biocompatible materials, is a cylinder like device, which is implanted using a designated introduced, inside the urethra. Using a special docking mechanism, it keeps itself in place, and is fitted to the urethra’s size, thus preventing leakage which is a major problem when catheters are used. The Urinator can be used for an entire month before it is removed using a designated extractor device. Introducing the device can be done initially by a medical team member, and in later stages, by the patient himself, providing independence and safety.