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Who We Are

Triangle R&D Center

The Triangle R&D Center is devoted to promoting and developing scientific research and technological advancement, igniting a spirit of innovation that propels progress and transforms our future.

The Triangle Regional R&D Center was established in 1999 in Kafr Qara by the Al-Zahrawi Society, founded by Dr. Muhammed Yehia and leading Arab scientists from the Triangle region in Israel. The center is supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology and is academically affiliated with Tel Aviv University. It is recognized as an independent research center by the Israeli Science Foundation and by European Union research frameworks. Many of the TRDC’s research projects are carried out in cooperation with major universities, ministries, governments, private and public entities, including partners in Israel and abroad.

The TRDC actively participates in significant initiatives that extend beyond the realm of pure research. In recent years, the TRDC has played an important role in bridging the gap between scientific advancements and technological development, primarily through its Tech Transfer Company, Innowadi LTD. This company plays a pivotal role in providing corporate frameworks to facilitate the development and implementation of scientific applications. It operates through subsidiaries, strategic partnerships, concessions, and licensing agreements, creating a dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives the commercialization of scientific breakthroughs. Through these collaborative efforts, the TRDC is actively contributing to the translation of scientific knowledge into tangible solutions that benefit society.

In addition to its core mandate, the TRDC places great emphasis on the social aspects of its mission. It actively engages in science education through initiatives like the Science Garden, which serves as a platform for fostering curiosity and learning among students. Moreover, the TRDC is committed to promoting technological entrepreneurship through two key frameworks: TriInnovation and Klika. These frameworks provide the necessary support and resources to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures. By combining science education and technological entrepreneurship, the TRDC aims to create a holistic ecosystem that nurtures both knowledge and innovation.


Breakthrough Innovation Harnessing New Technologies

The technological development division of the center plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between scientific research and development by investing in startup initiatives and fostering the creation of commercial products. This is achieved through our subsidiary company, “Innowadi Group,” which oversees TRDC’s intellectual assets and establishes corporate frameworks to drive the development and advancement of scientific applications. InnoWadi facilitates the management of intellectual property rights and technology transfer, while also providing valuable support for collaboration and fostering relationships between various innovation stakeholders, including academia and industry.

One of the key priorities for the TRD center is to foster the development of groundbreaking and innovative startups. These startups have received funding from prestigious sources such as the Innovation Authority and prominent EU scientific programs including Horizon Research, ISF, DFG, Eranet, and more. InnoWadi has played a pivotal role in nurturing these startups across a wide range of industries such as AgroVoltaics, HDIA, Green Pest Control, Medical Device, and more. 

InnoWadi Group Ltd.

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The TRD Center Headquarters

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