Who We Are

Who We Are

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The Triangle Regional R&D Center was established in 1999 in Kafr Qara by the Al-Zahrawi Society, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Muhammed Yehia and leading Arab scientists from the Triangle region in Israel, which is home to approximately 300,000 mostly Arab inhabitants.  

The TRDC is a Regional Research Center, partially funded by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology and is academically affiliated with Tel Aviv University. It is recognized as an independent research center by the Israeli Science Foundation and by European Union research frameworks. Many of the TRDC’s research projects are carried out in cooperation with major universities, in Israel and abroad.

The organization’s mandate is to use science and technology for the benefit of the region. As such, the TRDC is extensively involved in major initiatives that go beyond pure research. The social aspects of the mandate include deep involvement in science education through the Science Garden, encouraging technological entrepreneurship through the InnoWadi and Klika frameworks, and public health issues in cooperation with the Medical Wadi organization.