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About InnoWadi Group

The place to identify, nurture and transform TRDC inventions to products

 InnoWadi Group controls TRDC’s intellectual assets and provides corporate frameworks to develop and advance scientific applications via subsidiaries, strategic partnerships, concessions and licensing agreements. InnoWadi facilitates intellectual property rights management and technology transfer while providing support for collaboration and mediate relationships between different innovation stakeholders, such as academia and industry.

Bridging the Gap Between Innovative Research and Technology

About TriSolar

Energizing Your Greenhouse

Trisolar's innovative, cost-effective system makes a dual use of land to generate electricity, increase food production, and lower CO2 emissions, without changing the landscape.  The system is designed to provide higher year-round yields with more renewable energy per hectare and a very low environmental footprint.

About Agrorim

Green Pest-Control

"Agrorim" innovation harnesses molecular-encapsulation to develop effective, green and economical solutions for pest control in agriculture. Agrorim's encapsulation technology is a molecular-level coating of active substances within another shell material on the angstrom scale (a one ten-billionth of a meter). The benefits of using molecular-encapsulation in agriculture include protecting and isolating active agents from adverse conditions, and increasing their biological activity and bioavailability via slow release

About Uricont

Naturally Again

Uricont Breaking edge technology works to develop an innovative standard for active voluntary urination in 1% of the male population suffering from neurogenic bladder. The purpose is to create an optimally sized device that does not protrude from the urethra, visible, and will meet the required functionality to make urinatory processes natural again.

About HDIA

HDIA Machine Learning

Approximately 40 million manuscripts inscribed in Arabic scripts, encompassing languages like Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu, exist worldwide. Regrettably, only a fraction of these invaluable manuscripts have been captured through digital photography, and an even smaller fraction has been transformed into digital characters that allow for efficient searching and comparisons. Consequently, a substantial portion of this vast cultural heritage remains beyond public reach. The successful advancement of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology or the implementation of keyword searches holds immense potential to unlock this treasure trove, enabling comprehensive exploration and facilitating invaluable cultural discoveries of great significance.

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About Azudi


Azudi is a novel synthetic Azauracil derivative that has shown great potential as an insecticide for controlling pests, particularly Bemisia tabaci. Developed with the aim of targeting chaperonins within endosymbionts associated with the whitefly, Azudi disrupts the crucial protein-folding process, leading to high mortality rates of Bemisia tabaci. The patent application for Azudi includes 13 claims, covering its use as a pest control agent and its insecticidal effects on Bemisia tabaci. With the support of TRDC-RAMOT (TAU)-GADOT Agro, proof of concept field tests are being conducted, advancing the practical application and potential commercialization of this innovative solution. Azudi represents a promising breakthrough in pest control, offering a unique approach to combatting agricultural pests and mitigating crop losses.