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Dr. Mohammad Mahajna

Dr. Mohammad Mahajna

Research interests

Dr. Mahajna is a researcher at the TRD Center, mainly in the field of public health and the environment. He performs research in the urban water runoff systems to prevent water pollution and flood damage. Additionally, he prepares research proposals to improve urban environment, alleviate flood damage as much as possible, and utilize storage water to create atmosphere Green in the building around and on the roof. Moreover, he approaches problems of opaque areas like a city in the city of Umm al-Fahm, to fund a solution for turning it to a “green city”.

In addition, he deals with the field of human health in two directions: treatment of people who smoke by workshops, and prevention: by activities in secondary schools to increase awareness among adolescents about the harms of smoking, drugs and alcohol, and proposing alternatives to improve and maintain physical and mental health. Executable.


Current Research Interests

  • Researcher in the field of water pollution prevention, treatment of urban water runoff. I am currently investigating the loss and pollution of water during the rainy season in communities with sealed areas, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Director of the Public Health Unit, Triangle Research and Development Center

  • Leading a path on the topic of “prevention and elimination from smoking” and the establishment of an association that deals with activities to reduce the phenomenon of smoking and addiction.

  • Extensive experience in delivering lectures and workshops to the general public: health funds, schools and more.

  • Extensive experience in articulating and leading educational policies within schools and communities, identifying needs and providing appropriate solutions.

  • Leadership and leadership skills, initiative and creativity, ability to identify and guide representative, high interpersonal communication and excellent human relations.


Work Experience


A scientist researcher in public health field – The Triangle Research and Development Center (TRDC).  


I work in Clalit Health Services and as a consultant for smoking cessation 6111 -6102 : Medical porter, Pfizer pharmaceutical Israel: A manager of a basket of drugs, and responsibility for the assimilation of new drugs among cardiologists, pediatricians, urologists and others:

  • Identify opportunities and threats in a competitive market and provide a marketing solution, launching new products and expanding a product line.

  • Conducting market research and analyzing them for optimal definition of market share and needs.

  • Writing and producing marketing materials: brochures, presentations, propaganda materials, and useful tools for the doctor.

  •  Building and maintaining contact with public opinion leaders: specialist physicians and family physicians.

  • Participating in professional conferences and organization of special activities for medical teams in order to make the basket of products dominant in the medical field.

  • Lectures at professional conferences in Israel and abroad and collaborations with other propagandists to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Developing strategic marketing plans, including preparing work plans and planning regional marketing activities.


The establishment and management of the Arab Association for Prevention and Elimination of Smoking, Social Action.

  • Partner in the establishment and management of the Arab Association for Prevention and Termination of Smoking.

  • Preparing plans for the Arab population to eradicate the phenomenon of smoking and addiction.

  • Implementing school programs to raise awareness among teachers and students of the various forms of

    addiction and smoking.

  • Giving lectures in the field of smoking and drugs in various schools.

  • Harnessing and training imams and training them to deliver lectures on the subject in the mosques

2007- 2017

Chairman of Al-Zahrawi Association Social Activities that deals with the history of science.

  • Organizing lectures and conducting discussions in R & D in the Triangle, established at the initiative of the Association since 2000.

  • Management of research personnel engaged in academic research and start-ups and the initiation of examinations by the Ministry of Education.

  • Cooperation with Tel Aviv University, and especially the Cohen Institute, which provides scientific sponsorship for the triangular R & D.

  • Initiating and holding regional scientific conferences on behalf of the association.

  • Establishing a science park for schoolchildren.

  • Computer Applications: Control Office, e-mail, and Internet applications.

  • Languages: Arabic – mother tongue, Hebrew and English – high level


مؤتمر أول للجمعية العربية لمكافحة التدخين
اليرموك" هي الحرب العالمية الأولى وحرب الأيام الستة
محاضرة للدكتور محمد محاجنة حول مضارّ التدخين في مدرسة مفتان المنار المهنية
خطباء المساجد في المثلث: مكافحة التدخين حماية للبنات والبنين

Selected publications

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