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Chief Scientist Triangle R&D Center

Dr. Muhammad Athamna

Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology Expert

Research Interests

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, signal transduction, Macrophages, Tissue culture • Organic synthesis of biologically active substances, Inclusion complexes, Application of cyclodextrins in the pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and cosmetic industries.

Pheromones and biological control of pests, Bacteriology and drug resistance, Mechanisms of drug resistance in MDR bacteria, Employing lectins in diagnoses of Mycobacterium, Functional Food, Plant extracts


Research Projects

Regulation of TLR4 in Macrophages by Sphingolipids, 2015

Identification and characterization of new genes associated with rare neurodegenerative diseases, 2010-2015

Chemical encapsulation and drug targeting, 2006-2010

Bacillus anthracis and drug resistance, 2004-2007

Developmentand application of a rapid method for d e t e c t i o n o f Mycobacterium tuberculosis, 2000-2003

Laboratory Skills

Tissue Culture laboratory, ELISA assays, Western Blots, transfection of plasmids and molecules to cells (Monocytes and macrophages….) with high yield, FACS, extraction of primary cells (BMDMs) from mice with high amounts, Molecular biology, transformation of plasmids, extraction of plasmids, overexpression in cells, plasmids preparation, silencing genes with siRNA and shRNA.

Synthetic Methods in Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry;Separation and Purification Methods; Crystallization Methods; Spectroscopic Methods: NMR, IR, UV and Chromatographic Methods: GC, HPLC, TLC, LPLC and VLC.

Working with bacteria, susceptibility tests, antibiotics, PCR, Electrophoresis, antibiotic resistance mechanisms, identification of Bacteria, preparation of plant extracts and essential oils by distillation and Steam Distillation.


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