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Dr. Ameed Saabneh

Dr. Ameed Saabneh

Research interests

Inequalities in health and mortality: I study reasons for and determinants of inequalities in health and mortality with special emphasis on inequalities between ethnic/racial groups.

Immigration: I study the assimilation of African immigrants in the United States and Israel. specifically, I investigate African immigrants labor market success their and placement within the host-country stratification system.

Displacement and residential segregation: I study the effects of displacement and extreme spatial segregation between Palestinians and Jews on the socio-economic status of second-generation internally displaced Palestinians (IDPs) in Israel.

Social stratification: I study changes in the relationship between educational and occupational attainments among Palestinians in Israel in the last two decades. Specifically, I study trends in income returns to education among Palestinian working men and women.       



Selected publications

Saabneh, Ameed. 2017. “The Association between Maternal Employment and Child Survival in India, 1998–99 and 2005–06.” Asian Population Studies 13(1):67–85.

Saabneh, Ameed. 2016. “Arab-Jewish Gap in Life Expectancy in Israel.” The European Journal of Public Health 26(3):443–438.

Saabneh, Ameed. 2015. “Ethnic Health Inequalities in Unequal Societies: Morbidity Gaps Between Palestinians and Jews in Israel.” European Journal of Population 31(4):445–66.

Saabneh, Ameed. 2014. “Christian-Muslim Differences in Child Survival in Egypt”. Journal of Population Research 31(3): 253-267.