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Drug Delivery and Targeting by Nano-Encapsulation Technology

Dr. Jallal Gnaim

Targeted drug delivery systems are capable of optimizing a drug's therapeutic index by strictly localizing the drug in the desired site or organ of action, and preventing it from exerting its cytotoxic effects on normal cells. If successful, the result of the targeting would be a significant reduction in drug toxicity, reduction of the drug dose (by a factor of 10-4), and increased treatment efficacy. While targeted drug delivery can be used to cure many diseases, its most important application is the treatment of cancerous tumors.

Our research proposal is to design and develop a novel form of nano-encapsulation, utilizing cyclodextrin-containing polymers, which combine the properties of micro and molecular encapsulation technologies. These smart biodegradable polymers will improve targeting of chemotherapeutic drugs to cancer cells by bearing cancer specific targeting entities. The chemical nature, size and properties of the encapsulation polymers can be adjusted according to different needs and applications.