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The TRD Center visits the Embassy of the United Emirates in Tel Aviv

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The Triangle R&D Center team have visited Embassy of the United Arab Emirates to meet with the United Arab Emirates Ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja, in Tel Aviv in order to discuss different business opportunities and initiatives for socio-economical development and growth of the Arabic community of Israel, and to develop and advance partnerships with the United Arab Emirates different entities. 

The chief scientist of the TRD Center Dr. Ibrahim Yehia, and Dr. Mohammed Yehia, Al-Zahrawy Society founder, have presented the Center’s vision and mission in the field of scientific research and technological development in various industries such as the field of AgriVoltaics, Agriculture, Heritage Preservation and Historical Document Image Analysis (HDIA) of the historical Arabic manuscripts as well as other issues such as Green Pest-Control, health, and environmental sustainability.

The units Arab Emirates is a supporting force for the Arab community in Israel and have expressed a great interest in the community’s issues, and further discussed promoting initiatives to establish a healthy and sustainable Infrastructure based on research and development that supports the Arab community and the Arab world.

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