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Text Extraction from Images in the Wild Using the Viola-Jones Algorithm

Dr. Raid Saabni  Text Localization and extraction is an important issue in modern applications of computer vision. Applications such as reading and translating texts in the wild or from videos are among the many applications that can benefit the results of this field. In this work, we adopt the well-known Viola-Jones algorithm to enable text […]

Historical Document Image Analyzing

Dr. Raid Saabni Between the seventh and the fifteenth century a huge number of manuscripts were written in Arabic alphabet (Arabic, Farsi or Ottoman Turkish) in various fields. Around forty million manuscripts and books are currently available in different places around the world.  The process of modernizing and revising these documents may include determining the […]

Reversion of anti-estrogen therapy resistance in breast cancer by inhibitors of IRE1/XBP1 signaling: A structure-activity relationship study

Dr. Ihab Kabaha Chronic unfolded protein response (UPR) within the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is directly correlated with breast cancer drug resistance. Expression of X-box binding protein-1 (Xbp1), a critical component of the UPR signalling correlates with poor clinical responsiveness to tamoxifen, widely used anti-oestrogen therapeutic agent. Xbp-1 is activated by IRE1α RNase (Ire1) by cytoplasmic […]

Inequalities in Mortality between Arabs and Jews in Israel

Dr. Amid Saabni Despite significant mortality improvements in Israel over the last four decades, life expectancy for the Arab-Palestinian minority has been persistently three to four years less than that of the Jewish majority, a sizable gap that has widened over the last 20 years yet has received scant attention. Using decomposition methods, the proposed […]

Examining the Spectral and Thermal Properties and Electricity Production Efficiency of Organic Photovoltaic Modules with regard to possible Application as Greenhouse Cover

M. Friman Peretz, F. Geoola, M. Teitel, Ibrahim Yehia, A. Levi, S. Ozer, L. Rosenfeld ,A. Levy, E. Magadley , R. Brikman The present study examines the radiometric and thermal properties of an organic photovoltaic (OPV) semitransparent flexible module. The transmissivity of the module was measured under outdoor conditions in the wavelength range of 390 […]