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A Manifold Learning Framework for the Detection of Cardiac Disorders in Acoustic Signals

Keren Hochman, Amir Averbuch , Alon Schclar, and Raid Saabni Cardiac disorders are clinical situations in which the heart does not function properly. These disorders may be fatal to patients if they are not detected. Detecting such disorders often involves specia and in some cases very expensive medical devices such as Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic […]

A Diffusion Dimensionality Reduction Approach to Background Subtraction in Video Sequences.

Dina Dushnik, Alon Schclar, Amir Averbuch, and Raid Saabni Identifying moving objects in a video sequence is a fundamental and critical task in many computer-visionapplications. A common approach performs background subtraction, which identifies moving objects as the portion of a video frame that differs significantly from a background model. An effective background sub- traction algorithm […]

Microclimate and crop performance in a tunnel greenhouse shaded by organic photovoltaic modules – Comparison with conventional shaded and unshaded tunnels

The use of flexible and semi-transparent organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules as shading elements in a greenhouse tunnel with a tomato crop is presented. Experiments were performed in two similar greenhouse tunnels, covered by diffuse polyethylene sheet, during two summer growing seasons. In 2018, one tunnel was shaded using OPV modules (covering 37% of the roof […]

Facial Expression Recognition Using Combined Pre-Trained Convents

Raid Saabni, and Alon Schclar Automatic Facial Expression Recognition (AFER), has been an active research area in the past three decades. Research and development in this area have become continually active due to its wide range of potential applications in many fields. Recent research in the field presents impressive results when using Convolution Neural Network […]

Text‐Line Extraction by Minimal Sub Seams

Dr. Raid Saabni In this research, we sleeked for a robust and efficient algorithm to extract text lines directly from gray-level document images by tracking s minimal energy sub-seams to extract medial seams defining the text lines. For this task, we consider lines as a collection of areas with high-density foreground pixels lying on near-horizontal […]

Bat Echo Classification via Deep Learning

Naor David, Raid Saabni Bats have been well known for classifying plants using echolocation. They emit ultrasonic waves and can recognize the plant according to the echo returning from it, which is vital for the bat to complete tasks. We created a dataset consisting of depicted scenes of bats echolocating around plants using an acoustic […]