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The Triangle R&D Center attends “Building Bridges” Conference between Japan and The Arabic Community

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The Triangle Research and Development Center has attended the 8th annual conference of the Arab council of foreign relations for “Building Bridges” and the integration of Arab-Japanese cooperations in the country.

Representatives of the State of Japan and of major Japanese companies have joined in the conference and presented their field of expertise, focusing on promoting cooperation and closer ties between Japan and the Arabic community. 

Amongst the participants were Takahamshi, Minister of the Japanese Embassy,  and Mr. Toshimasa Ohna, Vice Chairman of the Japanese Trade and Industry Commission. In addition to Mr. Kuriyama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Top Seeds and, Nadin Yehia, Business Development Manager at the Triangle R&D Center, where she presented the TRD Center, its different divisions, and the four growing startups of InnoWadi, The TRDC Tech transfer company, such as Trisolar – in the field of Agrivoltiacs; Agrorim – in the field of Agriculture; Uricont – in the field of health and medical device; and demonstrated the recent advancement within written heritage studies and HDIA research.

Amongst the speakers were also Mr. Ayed Elias, the financial director of Top Seeds, Professor Riyad Agbaria, a pharmacologist and head of the Arab Champions Project, and Professor Jihad Al Sane in computer science.

While some countries have refused to follow this approach with our Arab society, such as Turkey and China, which benefit greatly from the close relationship with our Arab society, we see that Japan has extended its hand generously to building economic partnerships with our society.

The center would like to thank Mr. Khalid Khalifa for creating this important network and the ongoing efforts to promote the international relations of the Arab community to give it the opportunity of meeting leading key persons from Japan.

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