Exploring Collaborations for a Sustainable Future: TRDC Hosts Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Delegation at Triangle R&D Center

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We were delighted to host the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands delegation, and Innovation Attaché (IA) Israel Netherlands Innovation network (NIN)/Israel at the Triangle R&D Center and discuss potential R&D collaborations and commercial development with the Netherlands, in world-leading industries.

The expert team of the TRDC provided an in-depth look at the various divisions of the organization, and showcased the center’s breakthroughs in research and technological development divisions and fast-growing startups in the fields of Agrivoltaics, Green Pest Control, Machine Learning, and Medical devices among others. 

The team has further highlighted the center’s ongoing efforts to contribute to developing a sustainable world by advancing cutting-edge technologies in Renewable Energy, Fl #machinelearning oating AgroVoltaics, Agriculture, environmental studies, BioTech, Biology, Chemistry, and Social studies, among others; While emphasizing on our mission to contribute to our community through science, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The TRDC further emphasized the importance of science education and encouraging children and young people from the community to engage in science in order to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for leading a sustainable world and contributing to the green economy.

We were pleased to hear the Embassy’s insights on the potential collaboration opportunities, and we are looking forward to exploring further cooperation to build a sustainable future. #researchanddevelopment#agrivoltaics#pestcontrol#agriculture#floatingsolar#sustainability#renewableenergy#innovation#entrepreneurship

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