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Saturday, 21 February 2009 11:32


The Science Garden operates in various modes - as a center for day activities by individual schools, as a center where special groups of children come for repeat visits to improve their skills and remove learning barriers, as a teaching center for teachers and as a project based center for high school students specializing in science.

Among the activities are:

  • Day Trips - Experiential based teaching and games, mainly for primary school students in which we try to show them how science can both explain what is happening to various things in their environment and to manipulate that environment.
  • Kindergartens - series of day trips in which the target is to stimulate the children's sense of wonder and exploration about their environment.
  • Junior High Schools - a project involving intensive visits by local junior high schools. The target here is to catch all those children who seem to be "signing off" from math and science and to show them how they can enjoy doing well at these subjects.
  • High School Students: Here the main focus is on students who specialize in science. They usually have end of year projects and the Garden offers them the opportunity to do these projects guided and helped by working scientists from the TRDC. In some cases the students also can become research assistants for the TRDC scientists to learn how science actually works.