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Upgrading of production and quality of olive oil


Dr.  Matar Khalid- TRD-Center 

Dr.  Zeev weizmann.   Ben-gurion  University


Wide range of scientific reports and data have been published in the recent years clearly demonstration the health properties and benefits of consuming olives and olive oil. As a result, olive oil consummation has been extremely increased worldwide and also in the Triangle. The olive originated in the Middle East area is highly adapted to the local semi-arid environmental conditions in Palestine  area  and traditionally became for long as an integral part of the local societies routine use as food, folk medicine, etc including Arabs, Bedouins and Jewish people. Due to the fact that olive trees require only low level of irrigation water and can use available low quality water, they are an appropriate crop for extensive cultivation in the region.

 Our research group has carrying different researches focused on the effects of brackish water irrigation on tree growth and fruit/oil quality of different cultivars. In the present study we aim to upgrade the production and quality of olive oil in the Arab  sector in region.

 Objectives and expected significance of the research

The specific objectives include:

1. Characterization of the common olives cultivation and oil production practices in the Arab  sector in the Mosholash area .

2. Introduction of selected new olive cultivars highly adapted to the area  and to the Arab  growers.

3. Development of high quality olive oil production practices in the Arab  sector.

4. Establishment of olive demonstration plot equipped with a mini olive oil mill specifically dedicated to the Arab sector .