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Delegation of EU Visit to TRD Center on promoting opportunities for the development of scientific research in the Arabic community

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The Triangle Research Center hosted a delegation from the European Union, to discuss cooperation opportunities for the development of scientific research in the center and the Arabic community. During this session, a number of the center’s projects in different fields and emerging companies were presented, such as:

• “TriSolar”,  an active company in the field of agricultural solar energy (Agrivoltaic), Trisolar’s innovative, cost-effective system makes a dual use of land for solar energy and agriculture without changing the landscape.  The system is designed to provide higher year-round yields with more renewable energy per hectare and a very low environmental footprint. The system delivers Agrivoltaic power at a lower cost per kW compared to other PV systems while responding to the crops’ needs. TriSolar technology is based on 5 years of intensive research at the Triangle Research and Development Center, and funded by the European scientific research program “Horizon 2022”.

• “Agrorim”  innovation harnesses molecular-encapsulation to develop effective, green and economical solutions for pest control in agriculture. Agrorim’s encapsulation technology is a molecular-level coating of active substances within another shell material on the angstrom scale (a one ten-billionth of a meter). This emerging technology is already commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry for controlled-release drug delivery systems; however, its potential applications have rarely been exploited in agriculture. The benefits of using molecular-encapsulation in agriculture include protecting and isolating active agents from adverse conditions, and increasing their biological activity and bioavailability via slow release.

• “Uricont” a startup developing an innovative standard for active voluntary urination in 1% of the male population suffering from neurogenic bladder. The purpose is to create an optimally sized device that does not protrude from the urethra, visible, and will meet the required functionality to make urinatory processes natural again.

• On the level of heritage, the center’s researchers have reached important results in heritage studies, the most important of which is the project of computerized reading of Arabic calligraphy, as this technology enables the reading of manuscripts by means of a computer.

The meeting held a discussion of methods to be executed to reduce obstacles, such as submitting projects and to develop Arab partnerships with the European Union support at the Triangle Research Center and the Arab community as a whole.


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