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The TRDC has hosted a valuable conference in the Reading of Arabic- Islamic manuscripts. The conference was led by the lecturer Lina Jabali where she talked about “The Manuscript of Jummal al-Falsafah by Ibn al-Hindi” in the 12th century AD. The lecture dealt with a number of important themes in the sciences of Arabic-Islamic manuscripts such as codicology, paleography, philology, and text critique,  as well as the codicology approach and its importance in studying Islamic manuscripts, through a historical, analytical, and codicological reading of the manuscript of Jamal al-Falsafah, authored by Muhammad Ibin Ali Ibin Abdullah al-Hindi. Chairman: Dr. Rodaina Ghanem, Ph.D in the field of Arabic Islamic Sciences and philosophy.

The conference contributed to enriching the knowledge in codicology through the multi discipliner topics presented by a panel of specialists in different disciplines in this field: Dr. Muhammad Yehia, a historian of Islamic Arabic sciences, and founder of Alzahrawi association; And Dr. Raed Saabneh a specialist in historical document image analysis HDIA and machine learning; And Dr. Ahmed Igbaria specialized in the History of Science and Philosophy in Tel Aviv University.



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