Excellence in the Village

The Triangle Research and Development is a Regional Research Center partially funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology with a mission to conduct R&D for the benefit of the community. The TRDC is operated by the Al Zahrawy Society, a non-profit organization founded by Arab scientists and doctors from the Triangle region in Israel.

To fulfil our mission we have to prove, continuously to ourselves and to our community, that we can achieve very high standards of research and implementation here, in a relatively disadvantaged area. We do that by winning research grants from competitive sources in Israel and abroad and by publication of our finding in international journals. We are academically affiliated with Tel Aviv University and enjoy a very broad range of research relationships with other universities and research institutes.

Community needs

Using science and technology to create positive social effects requires long-term commitment on multiple fronts. Here are of a few of the areas where we are active:

  • Education enhancing children’s science education the Science Garden

  • Environment Research and activity with local authorities

  • Information  Widely attended lectures for the general public

In touch: serving the community requires a high level of attentiveness to changing local needs and constant contact with educators and community leaders


Prof. Abdussalam Azem
Prof. Abdussalam AzemChairman of the Management Board
Dr. Ibrahim Yehia
Dr. Ibrahim YehiaScientific Director




We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focussed and efficient drug discovery

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