Triangle Research and Development Center

The TRDC is a community-based research center with a mandate to use science, technology and education as levers for social change. Its mandate includes:

  • Research in a broad range of fields from chemistry through computer science to social sciences funded by winning competitive research grants in Israel and abroad.

  • Community involvement principally in the Science Garden that is dedicated to improve the quality of science education in the  region

  • Technology Development, both in creating start-up companies and in supporting local industry

Located in Kafr Kari (Kara) in the Triangle, the TRDC has six laboratories, lecture halls, scientists’ offices and facilities for teaching schoolchildren in a new building completed in 2018.


Chemistry, computer science and alternative energy are just a few of the many fields of  expertise of our researchers

The TRDC Science Garden is dedicated to improving the quality of science education in the regions schools


The TRDC is committed to industry, both through the creation of start-ups and in technological support to local industry



Our community commitment demands extensive involvement with local authorities,  lecture and workshops for the community and environmental activism

A few examples of TRDC research projects

Our Researchers

Our Partners

The TRDC works with a broad range of partners in universities and government, both in research projects and in other projects staged to advance its mandate of using science and technology for the benefit of the community

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