The Triangle Research Center’s participation in the World Diabetes Day Conference, methods of prevention and treatment

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The Triangle Research Center participated in the World Diabetes Day event organized by the World Health Organization in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Inspector Sina Zahalka with a group of researchers from the Triangle Research Center such as Dr. And the therapist in the field of physiotherapy, Mr. Kamal Fadous.

Through this conference, we presented a complex presentation on the nature of diabetes, blood pressure and obesity, as well as heart attacks and cerebral palsy, and their relationship and interrelationship with diabetes and its exacerbation in the Arab community in particular, which Dr. Riad to its causes. In addition, he touched on diabetes and obesity among young and old, which exceeds the percentage of patients in the Jewish community. Among the most important reasons mentioned by Dr. Riads are the sweetened drink found in abundance in the shops. Then touched by Dr. Riad to ways to treat this phenomenon and the possibilities of reducing it.

Then, Mrs. Rana Younes raised the issue of how to get rid of diabetes, or prevent it preventively by following healthy diets that enable us to get rid of drug treatment. stressed. Mrs. Rana emphasized that nutritional therapy is extremely important, and if we can maintain a diet that fits our bodies, we will be able to reduce the use of drug treatments for this disease.

Then Jamal Fadous talked about the importance of movement and its impact on reducing obesity, diabetes, stimulating pressure, and the various procedures that must be done on a daily basis in order to maintain full and complete health.

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