From the unknown to the unknown: a dialogue on the history of Arab and Islamic sciences with Dr. Muhammad Yehia

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As part of “Hibr Sawuti” program, the good journalist Ghaneim tackled a very important topic through an enriching dialogue with Dr. Muhammad Yehia, a retired doctor and historian of Islamic Arabic sciences, who has been working in the field of scientific research and scientific history for nearly four decades. Our friend the researcher began his scientific career in Germany, where he studied medicine, and fates wanted him to meet there one of the pillars of scientific research in the history of Arab and Islamic sciences, the scholar Fouad Ziskin. This meeting was not just a coincidence, as it constituted a turning point in the life of this student, who continued his studies of traditional medicine in universities in Germany, and at the same time began working on a project that would swallow him up for many decades.

After his return from Germany, he founded the Al-Zahrawi Society for Arab-Islamic Research, which is concerned with the history of Arab sciences. This association was different in the cultural scene at home but rather proactive and exceptional. Although the audience for this type of specialization is not large, the association has succeeded in attracting an audience that is still loyal to this path. Its founder did not stop there but penetrated more and more into independent projects until he reached the establishment of the Triangle Research Center, the leading scientific center whose achievements we will detail during this episode. The Municipal Council did not succeed in providing land for this research center, which would have aborted the project, but our friend did not feel despair, and he only allocated a plot of land (owned by his brother, the partner in the scientific project), for the establishment of the research center on it.

These steps are not implicitly understood. We are talking about a doctor, an outstanding researcher, and a person who gave herself to contribute to the community through scientific research and research on the history of science. To discuss these important topics, from the Arab and Islamic sciences, their history, their expulsion from history, and their current status, we went to the Triangle Research Center located in the village of Kafr Qara in the Triangle, to meet with its founder, its former director and member of its management, Dr. Mohammad Yahya.

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