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The Al-Zahrawy Society is named after Abul Kassem El Zahrawy, one of the greatest medieval Arab physicians. It was founded in 1993 by a group of physicians and scientists in the region known as the Triangle an area inhabited by an Arab population of approximately 220,000 people.

in keeping with its original aim of  integrating  the History of Arabic and Islamic Sciences with modern sciences The society is  devoted to Bringing to light the contributions of Arab and Muslim scientists, promoting public awareness of these contributions and encouraging more research and academic studies of the history of Arabic and Islamic sciences.  Al-Zahrawy encourages Cooperation with other societies and organizations having similar purposes.

After the creation of a network of scientists, members decided to translate their ideas into action and set up the Triangle Research and Development Center (TRDC) in Kfar Qara.

The TRDC was designated as an Arab home for researchers who wanted to conduct research for the benefit of the community and had the capacity to attract research funding from competitive sources. The aim is public benefit: either in creating the nucleus of start-up companies, addressing public health issues, or researching problems in education in the region.  Many of its activities are also based on a network of cooperation with well known institutions as part of a broader conviction that such cooperation is the key to success and peaceful coexistence between both communities.

Another major concern of the scientist members of the Society was the quality of science education in the region. To this end, a Science Garden was built in 2004 in an area adjacent to the TRDC with the aim of helping to radically improve the quality of science education in the Triangle. With the help of generous donors the Garden was greatly expanded in 2008 with the completion of the Eco-Bubble, classrooms and labs.


The Society aims to use the accumulated scientific expertise of its members and associates as a lever for profound social, educational and economic change. Such change has to be for the benefit of individuals - in creating better career and employment opportunities; for schools in improving general educational standards and sowing the seeds for scientific excellence; and for local government and other regional institutions in creating a consultative framework to improve decision making, principally in the areas of education, the environment and industry.

To achieve these very ambitious aims, the Society has set up a number of separate but interlinked frameworks.


Research: The Triangle Research and Development Center is the hub of Al-Zahrawy research, which is supported by the Science Ministry and has been extremely successful in attracting competitive grants for regional Research Centers. The TRDC hosts multiple research projects in various fields, and cooperates with numerous national and international institutions.

Education: The Al-Zahrawy Society has also established a Science Garden in adjacent land to the TRDC in Kfar Qara.  The Science Garden is intended to create a radical improvement in the quality of science education in the Triangle, and hosts a variety of community and youth programs to further hands-on science education.  Further, in 2007 Al-Zahrawy completed construction of the Eco-Bubble, a new building with special capacity for ecological experiments and programs. 

Community: The Society serves as sounding board for local authorities on educational environmental and industrial projects, principally because of the accumulated expertise of its members and their ability to provide solutions for complex problems. The goals of the Society, in both research and education, are to link scientific solutions and findings to community needs and work to find solutions for complex challenges facing the Triangle region.




* Al Zahrawy Society is a registered Society no 58- 017-421-7 and has an up to date government certification of proper management which means that its audit procedures allow it to receive government funding.