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Logic and diagnostic in medieval Arabic medicine- differential diagnosis by Ahmad ibn al-Jazzar Alqirawani


Dr. Mohammad Yehia

Research Question: Did the Arab and Moslem physician's find the differential diagnostic?


Ibn al-Jazzar proposed a new logical diagnostic process based on negation of diseases through recognition of differences between similar diseases as shown in his manuscript "Book about differences between similar diseases in medicine".


This project tends to review Ibn al-Jazzar critics on the ancient and medieval clinical thinking and to examine his claim that "direct diagnostic" is the main responsible for the miss diagnosis by physicians at his time because "direct diagnostic" was qualified for the differentiation between diseases and not similar diseases. 


A light will also be shed on ibn Al-Jazzar influence on Ibn-Sina and others especially on Ibn al-Monfakh 13th century A.C. as shown in his book "verification of synthesis and analysis between similar diseases".