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The Virtual Museum for Historical Arabic Scientific Instruments

Dr. Mohammad Yehia

The aim of the virtual museum is to explore the achievements of the Arabic-Islamic sciences.

The project is initiated to understand the structure, operation and development of the Arabic medieval historical scientific instruments to construct a computerized information pool (virtual museum) that would demonstrate the instruments' function and composition in an authentic animation and simulation mode. 

For this purpose we are looking for partners to accomplish this project in the field of:

  1. Exact sciences (physics, chemistry, medicine, mechanics, etc.) to assist in understanding the operation and structure of these instruments. 
  2. Computer science to build the information pool and the know-how of the animation and simulation mode of these instruments.
  3. The scientific education to convert the original medieval scientific texts to modern scientific language.
  4. History of science to choose the instruments and illustrate its development and to do historiographical and comparative studies in comparison with other scientific instruments in other cultures.
  5. Graphic designers to design the instruments and assist in constructing the virtual museum.