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Study of Innovative Pedagogical practices Using Technology


Dr. Khalid Matar

The study proposes a comprehensive examination of the concept of innovative pedagogical practices, by analyzing ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) implementation in schools in Quatar. The stages will be as follows: (a) identification and/or initiation of innovative practices and their development; (b) data collection: utilizing qualitative methods to create a database of narratives (i.e. case studies). The data is to be collected via interviews, questionnaires, observations and documentation; (c) utilization of the framework developed for analyzing levels of change in 9 domains shared by all initiatives using ICT in K-12 schools, as well as 21 factors involved in these innovations; (d) extraction of quantitative data from the narratives, using the proposed framework, to create a comprehensive comparative database, allowing (e) statistical manipulation and generalizations. The study may contribute to future research on diffusion of innovations in education, particularly initiatives in which ICT plays a major role as a lever for change.

The study will focus on case studies of successful and innovative implementations of ICT, to be developed and studied using guidelines from the conclusions and insights drawn from the international IES SITESm2 study, as well as the framework developed as part of a secondary analysis. The process will be accompanied by a steering committee, which will set the guidelines for developing the ICT-based innovative pedagogical practices and for choosing the cases to be analyzed.

The study will contribute to an in-depth insight of each innovation as well as cross-case analysis of innovative practices using technology - for improved ICT implementation in Qatar K-12 education system.