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Breeding of Aromatic Plants for Essential oil production


Dr.  Matar Khalid- TRD-Center

Dr. Nativ Dudai- Vocani Center


The economics of growing crops for plant extracts in the word can now be reconsidered in the context of modern cultural preferences for natural products. There has been an increase  in interest in the use of natural substances instead of synthetic chemicals. Aromatic plants and their essential oils are a source of natural medicines or plant protection chemicals.  They contain secondary metabolic products which have biological activity such as antibacterial, antifungal or antioxidant. The research in the TRDC  aims to provide some base-line information on Palestine  crop productivity in terms  of oil yield and quality as a foundation for further research and development.   The crops seeds were collected and saved in  a seed  bank and cultivated in especial area in the TRDC . 

The Overall objective of the Project is to determine the yield and quality of essential oils and the economic returns of a selection of  Palestine herb crops which may be commercially viable if produced in the TRD-Center.