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Use of local drought resistant crop-varieties and intercropping as means to enhance water efficiency(using saline and brackish water) and reduce land degradation (reduce desertification) by facilitating a high plant biodiversity.


 Dr. Jaber Masalha

 Palestine is known to be an area's of particularly high diversity of plant species, since it is located at the meeting point of the three major bio geographical regions. Another reason for the extraordinarily high biodiversity of the area is a very steep and pronounces ecological gradient from the Mediterranean climate to extreme desert. This makes Palestine an ideal model system for studying biodiversity and evolution of plant species. However, the recent political situation has lead to increasing human pressure on the few remaining refuges of rare plant species in the West Bank, while at the same time; awareness of conservation issues is extremely underdeveloped.

To conserve this high diversity of plant species without conflict the agricultural plant production use of crop varieties which need low amount of water and the integration of herbs, medicinal plants in the crop rotation will be useful. This Study will help to reduce the human pressure on plant Biodiversity, reducing soil erosion and reduce desertification. Saving fresh water besides the environmental protection (reducing soil erosion and desertification) will be the main issue of this study.