Research interests

  1. Studies on genetic disorders that resulted in identifying new gene mutations and new causative genes. These disorders were found to be related to our society thus, characterization of such genetic disorders had an international scientific impact as well as a specific benefit for the concerned families.
  2. Consanguinity as a risk factor for genetic disorders and congenital malformations. This research interest was important to us as there was a lack of data from our region in this regard.
  3. As our society proved to have a high rate of consanguinity that lead to increased incidence of genetic disorders, some of our studies focused on genetic counseling in order to determine the factors associated with the utilization of this service to pregnant women in the Arab society.
  4. In the last two years we undertook comparative studies on neurodevelopmental disorders which are: autism and ADHD. The necessity of such studies emerged to us from the fact of the increased incidence of such cases as well as the lack of data about these disorders in our society.