Dr. Eihab Kabha

Dr. Eihab Kabha 2018-07-03T09:43:46+03:00

Research interests

My laboratory in the Triangle Research & Development Center (TRDC) is focused on the field of nano-theranostics. Our vision is to have a major impact on the future of medicine, especially in diagnostics and therapeutics. We concentrate on organic synthesis and nanomaterial development that targets chip-based diagnostic solutions for a broad range of applications. Some of our efforts are directed to synthesis of small molecules for protein inhibition, enzymes for novel therapeutic approaches, and targeted drug delivery for enhanced efficacy and reduced side effects. We employ a variety of synthesis methods including Click chemistry, Suzuki coupling, molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), and multicomponent reactions. We routinely develop novel synthesis strategies to accomplish our goals. Our multidisciplinary research approach integrates researchers from the fields of chemistry, biology, nano-medicine, and nanomaterials.